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You are the ultimate authority of your own body!

When my son was in fourth grade, the lunchroom attendant came up to him and told him he needed to finish his food before he went to recess.  He looked at her and asked how she would know how his stomach felt!

There is no one else living in your body.  You are truly the ultimate authority of your own body.  When you choose a food, you need to decide how the food feels to you.  If someone tells you shrimp is ‘good’ for you but you break out in hives, shrimp is not good for you based on how your own body reacted!

“There is no stronger element to forging an identity that owning and taking responsibility for choices.  It is the cornerstone of freedom, love, and responsibility.”  by Dr. Henry Cloud

“The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.”  by George Elliot

These are two very important statements regarding choice.  We understand it in every other arena but food.  We are always looking for someone else to tell us what to eat.  Very confusing when the research is constantly changing.  It is changing because the scientists are studying humans and every human is unique and different.  So the studies will naturally come out different!  The only true answer lies within each one of us.  You have heard of this – the wisdom of your body!  It is now more important than ever to access this wisdom because there is so much conflicting research!  A nutritionist came up to me after a seminar and said this was finally making sense to her.   She said  I have never understood why adults would want me to tell them what to eat when my two-year-old would not think of it!

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