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Turn around the thought ‘I Want to Eat’ when not hungry.

You have worked the process long enough to  know when you are not hungry.   However,  the thought of ‘I want to eat’ still appears.  There is a pull to go to the refrigerator even when you know you are not hungry!  You can turn  the thought around with your own thoughts and the use of the other four pleasure senses.  If you say to yourself, ‘If eating didn’t exist right now, what would I do’, you will discover you have many options.  At first it may feel like there is nothing else to do.  This shows how eating when not hungry has robbed you of your creative mind and the use of the other four pleasure senses.  Sit when the nothingness for awhile.  Think of all the actions with the other four pleasure senses – walking (touch, sight, sound and smell), listening to music (sound), writing (touch and sight), and the list goes on and on.  There are unlimited things to do instead of eat.  You will need to write these down so they are visible to you when you feel the pull to eating when not hungry.  The physical piece of paper with suggestions that you can see when you are not hungry will help pull you away from the thought.  Once you turn around the thought and move into another action step, you will feel the pull dissipate.

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