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Taste is a Pleasure Sense

Taste is a pleasure sense that has a very specific purpose.  It was meant to satisfy hunger and give us pleasure.
And it had very specific boundaries – a very specific start and stop.  We were meant to be hungry before we make the decision to start eating and stop when we are no longer hungry.   Used within the boundaries, food
gives us energy and pleasure and sustains our life.

We were never meant to use taste when we were not hungry. We were given four other pleasure senses to give us pleasure or soften an uncomfortable feeling when not hungry.  And we could use them without the specific boundaries.   In addition to taste, we have sight, sound, smell and touch.  For example, we could listen to hours of music and totally enjoy ourselves from start to finish.  However, when we use taste when we are no longer hungry, it destroys our pleasure because now we are too full.  All we can think about is why did we eat so much?  It truly destroys pleasure and buries the desire to access the other four pleasure senses.

So enjoy the stop of the balance feeling of your body and access your other pleasures when you are no longer hungry.   By continuously stopping eating at the balance point of your body, you will open up your life to unlimited pleasures!

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