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How did something as natural as eating become so complex?

Think of an infant. They have a strong feeling of when to start eating – they will let you know in a very strong voice that they need to eat even when they have no words. Have you ever watched an infant when they want to stop eating? They will turn their head, they will spit it out or knock their food off the tray. They have a very strong feeling of when to start eating and when to stop eating!

And did you know they are born with 10,000 taste buds – exclusive just to them. Have you ever watched an infant when they do not like something? They will definitely keep you informed!

How does this happen? They have no knowledge of nutrition and they could care less about their diaper size! How do they know when to start and stop eating based on their own creative being internally? They own all the information within them. We were all an infant at one time and own all this information within us also!

The innergetics process does not tell you what to eat but instead removes the interference that has happened over the years to bury this information. It is still there – we just need to access it. It is not about deprivation but about abundance.

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