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Does the number on the scale affect your day?

Do you feel a need to weigh yourself in the morning?  If so, does that number have any effect on the rest of your day?  The number is an external that has nothing to do with hunger.  Size and weight are merely the by-products of your decision to start and stop eating.

If you ate, based on the hunger scale, only when you were hungry (2) and stopped when you felt balanced (5), would you eat less food?  If you ate less food, would you weigh less?  So I have my clients focus on the hunger scale and NOT the weight scale.

Eventually, my clients begin to gradually reduce or eliminate weighing themselves.  The only action you can do in the moment (as it relates to size and weight)  is to start and stop eating.  There is nothing to do in the moment about the number on the scale.  Focusing on the number takes you away from your feeling of hunger.  The infant only feels the hunger scale.  The infant could care less about diaper size or the number on the weight scale!  So when the thoughts of size and weight enter your head, place those thoughts on a shelf and leave them there.  That number only creates interference to truly listening to your body.

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