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Do you fear hunger or honor hunger?

Can you wait to eat until you are hungry? Are you anxious when you feel hunger? Hunger is how the infant knows when he/she needs to eat. There is that feeling in the body that says, “ I need to eat”. On a scale from 1 – 10, 1 is extreme hunger and 10 is extreme fullness. The 5 is the state of balance, the feeling of nothingness which means hunger has been honored and now you are ready to move on with living your life. At the 5 you feel energized, not dragged down with extra food in your body.

How do you know what your stomach feels like? Everyone can do this – In this moment drop your mind in your stomach and ask yourself, “what number am I at now in this moment”? If you feel nothing, you are at a 5. If you feel just a bit hungry, you are at a 4. As you do this every time you start eating and every time you stop eating, you will begin to reconnect with your original boundaries of the body. The infant starts being hungry (possibly a 2 or 3) and ends when he/she is no longer hungry. As long as those boundaries are not interfered with, the boundaries will remain throughout his/her lifetime.

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